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FAST UBB.Threads Imports for Xenforo

Xenforo 2.x importer does not support UBB.Threads, and for a long time we've always resorted to using a custom modified version of IPS's importer followed by a 2nd import to Xenforo. It's never been ideal, and it's always been very slow. But there's never been enough demand for UBB.Threads to justify our spending the time to write a complete customer importer for it.

Recently a large and well-known forum that's been operating with UBB.Threads approached us about handling their migration to Xenforo. After going through our normal procedures for UBB.Threads --> Xenforo, it was obvious we needed to address the speed, or they would end...

Projects pause from June 10th through June 14th

From June 10th through June 14th we will not be scheduling any new project work.

We will be spending the time upgrading our web servers for our hosting clients and moving their sites to the new servers.

We will have a tech available during this time for any emergency work requests, and to handle existing ongoing projects. Only non-emergency new work will be on hold since one of our techs will be dedicating their time to the web server upgrades.

Thank you!

Invision Community (IPS) Services Pricing

Migration to Invision Community, also known as IPS Community Suite or Invision Power Board)

Why have us handle your forum migration?


With numerous conversions from other forums to Invision Community, and we have the experience to make the conversion as smooth as possible, and know how to solve common problems. We've developed custom migration tools to assist with the migration process. From migrations with a few hundred posts all the way up to ~50 million posts, and media galleries with over 3 million images, we've done it!

We have custom incremental importers for most major forum software which can...

Xenforo Migration Services Pricing

Why have us handle your conversion?

We are experts who have handled hundreds of conversions to Xenforo and hundreds of millions of posts. We have the expertise to solve common problems. Our custom tools can help make your website conversion to Xenforo go smoothly. The Driven 2 team has handled migrations from a few hundred to 50 million posts, and media galleries with over 3 million images. Our founder has been handling data conversions since the late 1990s.​


Driven 2 has custom delta (incremental) importers...​

How will we communicate?

Email is our preferred method of contact because it is universal and it allows us uninterrupted time to handle project tasks, speeding up service for everyone.

We do not use phone calls and live chat except for large and/or hourly rate projects. We understand this might be inconvenient - however, scheduling sessions is extremely difficult when we have daily work often scheduled weeks in advance. Any exceptions are on an case-by-case basis, with an hour minimum billable rate.

Amazon SES Email Setup

If you need a cost-effective and robust solution for email delivery due to hosting provider outbound email quota, we recommend (and use ourselves) Amazon SES (Simple Email Service).

Their rates are very reasonable at $0.10 for 1,000 emails and $0.12 for each gigabyte of attachments you send.

We can set up an Amazon Web Services account for you (or use one you already have), setup SES, validate it with DNS changes, and then set up your forum, blog or CMS software to use it. The cost for this service is $75. This is for sending emails only. It's extremely unlikely you'll exceed hosting email quotas for receiving email.

However, if...
Non-Emergency Work Hours: Monday – Thursday (CST), 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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