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Gossamer Forums to Xenforo imports / conversions


We now support direct to Gossamer Forums to Xenforo conversions via a direct import process. We also have delta/incremental imports, meaning you can stage a test migration for as long as needed, then to a later "catch-up" import when its ready to deploy live.

The following items are imported to Xenforo from Gossamer Forums:
  • User Groups
  • Users
  • User Profile Fields (partial)
  • Avatars
  • User bans
  • Categories...

To WoltLab Suite / Burning Board Forum Conversions

We Can Convert Your Existing Forum to WoltLab Suite

Why entrust us with your forum migration?


Our extensive experience spans over two decades, during which we have specialized in forum conversions, development, and administration services. We have successfully managed a diverse range of conversions, from straightforward small-scale migrations to those encompassing over 50 million posts. WoltLab Suite is among the numerous forums we have developed...

To phpBB Migration and Conversion Services Offered


We offer services to convert your existing forum to phpBB

Why have us handle your forum migration?


We've been handling forum conversions, development and administration services for over two decades. From simple small migrations to those with over 50 million posts, we've handled them. phpBB is one of the many forums we've developed converters for, and we can accommodate most source forum types. Our conversions are full service, where we handle the...

vBulletin 6 to Xenforo and Invision Community conversions now supported

We're pleased to announce we now support vBulletin 6 to Xenforo 2, and vBulletin 6 to Invision 4 conversions.

For vBulletin 6 to Xenforo migrations, the following data is imported:
  • User Groups (Member Groups)
  • Users (Members)
  • User Profile Fields
  • Avatars
  • Private Messages
  • Visitor Messages (Profile Posts)
  • Categories
  • Categtory Permissions
  • Forums
  • Forum Permissions
  • Threads
  • Thread Prefixes
  • Thread Subscriptions...

wpForo 2.x to phpBB Conversion Service Now Offered


Driven 2 now supports converting your wpForo forum to phpBB (currently phpBB 3.3). If you need to convert wpForo to phpBB, we have the conversion tool offered as a service. We handle the entire migration process from start to finish - all you have to do is validate and approve the new forum before going live!

The service converts the following items:
  • User groups.
  • Users (users will need to reset their password due to...

wpForo 2 to BuddyBoss, BuddyPress and bbPress Conversion Now Supported!


If you've considered moving from wpForo to BuddyBoss, BuddyPress or bbPress, but the lack of conversion options stood in the way, Driven 2 now offers a solution!

The conversion process from wpForo to BuddyBoss, BuddyPress or bbPress converts the following items:

  • User groups.
  • Users (users will need to reset their password due to incompatible password hashes).
  • User banned status.
  • User profile fields.
  • Forum categories...
Non-Emergency Work Hours: Monday – Thursday (CST), 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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