Robin Patton,

If you need a go-to IT professional, Ken is your man. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Ken for over ten years. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he’s a pleasure to work with. The list of things he’s done for us is too long to list here. But a few things he handled seamlessly includes:

– Migrated all of our articles from defunct Article Live into Vbulletin CMS.

– Took steps to improve SEO of Vbulletin and drove a traffic increase of 30% over the past year.

– Set up and maintains dual dedicated servers, reducing our hosting costs.

– Custom coded features to better support the Turbo Diesel Register (TDR) magazine’s integration with the website.

Not only does Ken handle all of our difficult work, he consistently demonstrates an appropriate sense of urgency when we have a request or web-related issue. For us, this has made running a website significantly less stressful.

Thank you, Ken.

Veronica Niksich,

“Working with Ken was really valuable for our company and for my own Web Development experience. He appreciated our unique needs with collecting, storing and linking client information from our website to our CRM software and backups. He offered expert recommendations with flexibility for various options based on pricing, execution and desired result.

Driven2 is adept at communicating and handling projects and requests remotely and responded quickly when issues arose or with updates.

Ken routinely went above and beyond, sharing valuable instructions and insights, allowing me to learn and complete tasks in-house as available. I look forward to working with him again and highly recommend him for all manner of Web Development needs!”

Carlos, Owner of

When I approached Ken for help on migrating my site to xenForo 2, I'd Already known Ken's stellar reputation of migrating, fixing websites, forums, and other services. I said I'd use his services. When I finished acquiring, the first thing I did was trying to migrate from IPB to xenForo, but there was issues with the migration. I remembered Ken's work for some reason. So, once I did, we'd communicate, and he was on the job. Not even 24 hours, he's finished with the migration. He turned a frustration into a worry-less migration. Once I got the domain pointed at my server, I asked how do I keep the old links from IPB? He worked his magic, and now the site is reindexed. Since the migration completed, traffic is back to normal again. Thanks for the incredible customer service, Ken!

Lisa Spangenberg

Ken was our consultant in migrating a venerable 20 year old forum that eventually ended up with 10 million or so vBulletin posts. He helped us repair a corrupted database, migrated the database and vBulletin externals like avatars and smilies, even imported PMs (conversations) and installed an Add-on to import User Notes. He even managed redirects in an intelligent fashion.

Much more data was imported and re-purposed than I expected would survive, or than XenForo docs suggested would be viable.

Moreover, Ken was endlessly patient in terms of explaining how XenForo worked, and dealing with a client who has limited vision. That’s not an easy task, and Ken managed it with kindness and grace.

Ken was completely professional right down to creating a staging server, and guiding me regarding what changes to make to compensate for the basic worldview differences between XenForo and vBulletin.

I’ve been working in IT as a technical writer for decades. I’ve supported end-users for decades. This has been one of the best migration and conversion experiences I’ve ever had, and I look forward to working with Driven2 in the future.

Matt Farr,

Ken has been an excellent consultant in our migration. He did ALL the heavy lifting and has been a good communicator all through the process. We’re still working on things but the forum is working and members are happy.

Vishwenath Kizhapandal, CTO, Plateau, Inc.,

Simply put Ken is a great asset to just have him around you or your team. His enthusiasm, grass roots innovative thinking, coupled with his jest and zeal for Internet technologies and their evolution is simply contagious.


I tried running my own server with my own website for quite a few years, but had to use things like Cpanel in order to do it. When I met Ken, he took over my server and worked his “Linux VooDoo” on my server and had it running faster than ever before. Then we upgraded to a bare bones dedicated server and that is where I realized just what Ken could do with a Linux server. At the time I was running vBulletin 4 and although he had that site running faster than it had ever run before, we decided to switch over to Xenforo which I had tried in the past, but failed and had to revert due to thousands of broken links throughout the website. Thanks to Ken and we were not only able to successfully transfer the website from vBulletin 4 to Xenforo, but he also converted all of my vBulletin CMS articles over to the Xenforo Article Management System (AMS) which is one of the most complicated AMS add on’s you can put on Xenforo!

Thanks to Ken and his knowledge, my website is running faster than it has ever run before and my members could not be happier. If there is ever a problem with my server, I know Ken can handle it.

Steve Write,

I recently moved my forum from another platform to Xenforo and required some complex, out of the ordinary redirects and htaccess rewrite rules in order to ensure my forum content resolved correctly. I contacted Ken who worked his magic with custom php coding and had everything up and running perfectly in a very short time. Throughout the process Ken kept me updated with each step and even fixed a few extra problems I didn’t know I had until we started, all at a very reasonable price.

Cliff Cleve,

I can’t say enough of the help I got with my extremely small forum (less than 30 members). Ken took the time from his high profile forums/clients to give me a hand with SSL issues I had without charging a dime. Would highly recommend.

Around the middle of Feb 2019, I contacted Ken to handle the upgrade from version 1.5.6 to 2.1.
He was able to handle the upgrade without issue. I tried doing myself but kept running into problems with such a major upgrade.
He was quick and the price was in keeping with such an undertaking.

Wholeheartedly recommend him.

Keith W., Dallas Fort-Worth Area, (site name withheld at customer request)

Ken Payne quickly dispatched a Malware recently discovered on my GoDaddy web site. Ken removed the problem and patched things up to close the wormhole, as it were. He was great to work with and, again, was very quick to respond and resolve the issue. The site is now safe, again.