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WHM / cPanel Optimization and Tuning

WHM / cPanel Optimization and Tuning

  • Setup PHP-FPM with PHP 7.4 or PHP 8.0 for high concurrent load handling.
  • Install PHP Opcache for the fastest PHP execution speed.
  • Install PHP Redis handler
  • Set Redis cache software
  • Setup Xenforo or Invision Community Suite for Redis caching
  • Upgrade from MySQL to the latest supported MariaDB or MySQL, depending on your WHM / cPanel configuration.
  • Tune MariaDB for higher concurrent loads and queries per second.
  • Tune Apache (or Litespeed) for best performance
  • Upgrade all system software
  • Upgrade all cPanel packages.
  • Security check and update as needed.
Requires WHM (root) access.
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110.00 USD
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