1. MySiteGuy

    Flarum to Xenforo imports now supported

    We've completed our Flarum to Xenforo importer, and are now offering this service. The following items are covered: User groups (permissions are set to XF defaults) Users (passwords not supported, users must reset passwords) User profiles User bans Admins & Moderators Forums (nodes) Threads &...
  2. MySiteGuy

    Xoops CMS/Blog and Forum to Xenforo Migrations and Conversion

    We support migrating your Xoops CMS and Forum to the Xenforo platform. The Xoops forum, whether it's XForum, NewBB, bXpress or cBB, is converted into Xenforo's forums. The Xoops CMS / Blog is brought over into the XenPorta addon for Xenforo. What items are imported? Attachments, forum...
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