We support migrating your Xoops CMS and Forum to the Xenforo platform. The Xoops forum, whether it's XForum, NewBB, bXpress or cBB, is converted into Xenforo's forums. The Xoops CMS / Blog is brought over into the XenPorta addon for Xenforo.

What items are imported?
Attachments, forum categories, threads, posts, users, user groups, likes/ratings, admins and moderators, custom thread fields, user avatars, user signatures and profile settings. Plus CMS / Blog categories, authors, articles and attachments. We also redirect old thread and CMS / blog entries to their Xenforo counterparts.

Unfortunately, passwords are not compatible so your users will need to use the email password reset feature.

Non-stock user group, admin and moderator permissions are not imported, so these will need to be checked before going going.

Incremental Imports Supported
With incremental imports, we do an initial import then pause. At this point, in a non-live environment while your Xoops forum continues to operate, you or we can then work on the Xenforo theme, third party addons, custom user group permissions and other features. When you're ready to go live, we import new content from your Xoops forum and then switch over.

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