So you've recently moved your Xenforo based web to another server, and you can't get SSL to work?

You've successfully issued a Let's Encrypt Certificate in either cPanel or CyberPanel. But no matter how much browser cache flushing, restarting or switching browsers you try, it gives a persistent security warning that the page isn't secure, and the certificate is invalid! You look at the certificate in the browser, and it looks correct, with the correct expiration date.

What's going on? Chances are you have Xenforo in "maintenance" mode where the forums are turned off. In this case, Xenforo issues a 503 status code for all pages it serves. This is a standard code a server issues when a page or site is in maintenance mode.

What we have found is neither Chrome nor Firefox based browsers will properly install the certificate while receiving a 50x code. Turn the forums back on, refresh the page in your browser and magically the SSL certificate starts working!

Hopefully this tech tip will save you a lot of head scratching, re-issuing certificates and wondering why something that should work... isn't!