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save-up-gf5779b6e3_640.jpgIf you're dissatisfied with the high cost and limited feature set of Telligent Verint Community, we can help! We can migrate your current Telligent blog, community forum, media gallery or media gallery to a wide variety of other platforms. These include Discourse, WordPress (including bbPress, wpForo and SimplePress), Xenforo, Invision Community, Drupal, Media Wiki and more.
We handle the process from start to finish to minimize your worry and concerns. Data is backed up, then duplicated to a password protected development server. We then setup the new software in this development environment, setup the look and feel, import the data and start the Quality Assurance process. Once it's ready to deploy, we do a trial run without impacting your live site, to insure we encounter no problems when we do a live run.

Then we go live, with a final "merged" import into your new software to minimize the import time, then switch over your site to point to the new software. This process includes redirecting the older software URLs to the new software to insure your site maintains its ranking in search engines.

If you're ready to reduce cost and take your community to the next level, contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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