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Xenforo Forum Proxy Service - Yearly

Xenforo Forum Proxy Service - Yearly

Proxy service is not meant to be a full time image fetch service. Your forum should be setup to cache images fetched through the proxy service. In Xenforo: Admin panel -> Setup -> Options -> Image Link Proxy. Set "Image cache max size" to 0, and "Image cache refresh" to at least 7 days (or 0 for unlimited)

The service cost is $50 for 12 months.
- This is for a single Xenforo installation.
- Change of your IP address at a future date incurs a $25 re-setup fee.
- Service requires your host allows outbound connections through port 8080, please ask your host if you are unsure about this.
- This service is not for forums engaged in illegal activities such as identity theft, human trafficing, etc.
- While we will maintain operation in the event of a DDOS attack, we do not sign up sites under current, active DDOS attacks.
Non-Emergency Work Hours: Monday – Thursday (CST), 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM