We can migrate an existing forum from one platform to another. We have experience with big boards and small boards, and custom tools for unusual procedures. From forums with a few thousand, or tens of millions of posts, we’ve handled it. We work to ensure minimal downtime. We’ve been working with forums and custom forum development for over 20 years.

Forum software we can migrate from:

  • VBulletin 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 6.x.
  • Invision Community Suite (Invision Power Board) 3.x and 4.x
  • phpBB 2.x & 3.x
  • Drupal 5.7, 6.x and 7.x Forum
  • bbPress, wpForo and SimplePress
  • Discourse 2.x
  • Community Server (Telligent / Verint)
  • FluxBB 1.5.x
  • MyBB 1.x
  • Simple Machines Forum (SMF) 1.1 and 2.x
  • Joomla 2.x (Kunena 1..x through 5.x) Forums
  • Vanilla 1.x, 2.x and 3.x
  • PunBB 1.x
  • Wolt Lab Burning Board 2, 3, 4.x and 5.x
  • Yabb 2.x
  • Expression Engine
  • UBBthreads
  • DCForum 6.x (Perl, flat file DC Forum)
  • DCF 1.x (PHP, MySQL DC Forum)
  • FusionBB
  • Ikonboard
  • Snitz
  • Flarum
  • Website Toolbox
  • WordPress
  • JSON and CSV files
Forum software we can migrate to:

  • Xenforo 1.5 and 2.x
  • Invision Community Suite 4.x
  • VBulletin 4.x, 5.x and 6.x.
  • Wolt Lab Burning Board 5.x
  • Drupal 7.x
  • Joomla 2.x
  • MyBB 1.x
  • phpBB 3.x
  • SMF 2.x
We also handle the following:

For Xenforo migrations
  • vBSEO, dbSEO, SMF, SMF Pretty URLs, vBulletin, WordPress Pages & Posts, MyBB, Invision Community and most other forum URL redirects
  • vbBlog, vbCMS, vBulletin Blogs, Invision Community Blogs, Simple Blogs for Xenforo 1.x, Good Enough Blogs for Xenforo 1.x, ThemeHouse XenBlog for Xenforo 1.x, and WordPress Posts --> XenPorta, Article Management system, Xenforo Resource Manager, Xenforo article threads, User Blog System, Showqcase
  • vBFavorites or Xenforo 1.5 Xon Bookmarks --> Xenforo bookmarks
  • DBTech Advanced User Tagging --> Xenforo user tags
  • vB Post Thank You, vB Helpful Posts, vB Thumbs Up, DBTech Advanced Post Thanks for vBulletin, MyBB Thank You / Like System, or Thankyou MyBB System --> Xenforo Reactions
  • Advertising blocks from vBulletin, Invision Community, MyBB or phpBB --> Xenforo built-in advertising system or Siropu Ads
  • vBulletin Social Groups, vBulletin Social Forums, or Invision Community Clubs --> [tl] Social Groups, Snog's Social Groups or XFA Roster
  • vBulletin 4.x iTrader, vBulletin 3.8 iTrader, SMF Trader System, Invision Trader Feedback System, Xenforo 1.5 and Xenforo 2.x XenCentral Feedback Ratings --> Trader, Feedback System, Classified Ads feedback
  • VB Pro Garage, PhotoPost, vB Gallery, SMF Gallery, vB Albums, Invision Community Gallery, Gallery 2, Coppermine Gallery, vBulletin 5 User Galleries & Albums , and DTO Garage --> Xenforo Media Gallery
  • vBulletin DBTech Downloads, vB Downloads II (vBulletin 4.x only), Invision Community Downloads --> Xenforo Resource Manager
  • … and more!
For Invision migrations
  • Coppermine Gallery, Photopost, PhotoPlog, vBulletin 3.x & 4.x albums, or Xenforo Media Gallery --> Gallery
  • Xenforo Pages. vBulletin 4.x CMS --> Pages
  • Xenforo Resource Manager --> Downloads
  • vBulletin 3.x, 4.x & 5.x Clubs (groups) --> Clubs
  • vBulletin 3.x & 4.x Blogs --> Blogs
  • vBulletin 4.x Calendar --> Calendar

Additional charges apply for:
  • Theme installation and setup.
  • Custom theme/template work.
  • Addon installation and data import.
  • Imports requiring two-stage imports. For example, to transfer a DCForum forum to Xenforo, we must first import it into VBulletin.
  • Incremental imports into live forums.
  • Environments without SSH access, or CPanel.
  • Transferring advertising settings.
  • Expedited scheduling and/or weekend migrations.
  • Installing the destination forum platform if you do not have it installed.
  • Migrating to/from SaaS environments.
  • Environments not using Apache or Litespeed web server software, such as Nginx..
  • Moving the site to a new hosting service.
Contact us for other platforms of if you have special needs such as addon data imports. We offer an incremental import service so you can keep your old forum software operational during the main import with little downtime!

What is imported? (from VBulletin, Invision Community Suite, MyBB and Xenforo – Other platforms vary)

  • Forums and Forum Permissions
  • Threads and Thread Prefixes
  • Posts & Polls
  • Users and permissions
  • User groups and permissions
  • Attachments
  • Avatars
  • Custom BB codes (most cases, including VBulletin)
  • Custom Smilies (most cases, including VBulletin)
  • Moderators and Admins, and Permissions
  • Private Messages into XF’s Conversation system
  • Profile posts (visitor messages)
  • VB Blogs (into threads in Xenforo)
  • Most migrations include URL redirects.
  • CMS imports (additional fee)
Migrations can be handled on one of our powerful servers and then transferred to your server, or the process can be handled directly on your server.

Our process is outlined here: Forum Migration Process

Contact us with your needs to receive a quote.