Driven 2 Services supports importing your Xoops Forum and CMS Blogs into Invision Community (Invision Power Board). Our conversion service can handle the XForum, NewBB, bXpress or cBB forum modules available for the Xoops platform, and those are migrated into Invision's forums. The Xoops CMS / Blogs are imported into Invision's Blog module.

What items are imported?
Forum categories, threads, posts, user groups, users, attachments, avatars, likes, admins, moderators, signatures and profile fields. CMS / Blog categories, authors, articles and attachments are converted into their Invision Blog counterparts. Old thread and CMS / blog URLs are redirected to their Invision equivalent.

Xoops passwords are not compatible with Invision Community. After migration, your will need to use the password reset link to send them a new password.

Non-stock administrator, moderator and user group permissions are not converted. You will need to check these before going live.

Incremental Imports Supported
Incremental migration allows us to do an import, and then pause it. You can then test a non-live environment while your Xoops forum continues to operate, you or we can then work on the permissions, the forum them, addons and features. When you're ready to go live, we resume the import with any new content from your Xoops forum and blogs, and then switch over.

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