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Now supporting DCForum 6.x migrations

We now support migration from the legacy DCForum 6.x forum software which uses flat files to store it's data. We support migration from it to Xenforo and Invision Community Suite. These are fairly complex migrations, and the prices reflect the additional work involved

- Imports start at $500 for up to 1 million posts and $100 for each additional million posts.
- Users, user groups, threads, posts, images, and private messages are imported. Users will need to reset their passwords due...

Slow Query Log

How can I view my slow query log?

PHP 7.4

I would like to be able to choose version 7.4.x from my control panel to test addon compatibility l.

What support do you provide after forum migration?

Driven 2 provides support for questions about the migration and any migration problems you might encounter for a period of time stated in our contract.

We do not include training, support and consulting for the new software as part of basic migration projects. Only services included the contract's statement of work are included. We have service contracts available which include blocks of time for any administration, moderation and technical questions you may have. We also suggest you check...

Frequently Asked Questions about forum migrations

Q. Is my forum shut down during the migration?
During a portion of the migration process, the old forums must have registrations and postings turned off. This is so there is a "frozen" state on the old forums that will be consistent with the new forums.

Q. How long is my forum turned off during the migration?
That's like asking how long a piece of string is! On a serious note, there's no way we can give a firm time span because of different forum sizes, web server...

Scheduling your forum migration

After we've discussed forum migration, and you've filled out the migration information sheet, you'll need to schedule a time for the initial import at least one week in advance. Rush orders are available in some cases, and there are rush fees that vary depending on your forum size, addons, etc.
Non-Emergency Work Hours: Monday – Thursday (CST), 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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