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To all our clients and potential clients

To all our clients and potential clients:

Though most of you know Driven 2 for our CMS and forum migration services, we've been handling other work since the mid-2000s for clients in many fields. This includes e-commerce, web design, software development, server management, and database administration.

Since mid-February, as more countries implemented stay-at-home measures due to COVID-19, we began seeing a steady increase in urgent and emergency work requests. These have ranged from ramping up server capacity in niches with dramatic increases in traffic, to clients who handle needs such as loan processing to help small businesses...

Service Prices

This services price list supersedes all previously published prices. Updated December 26, 2021.

Xenforo services pricing:
Invision Community (IPS) services pricing:
WordPress Web Sites
We can set up and design a custom WordPress site for your business. Since designs can range from simple to complex, and small to large, these are quoted a case-by-case basis.

Linux Server Work, Consulting, and Other...

Non-US payments

Due to foreign currency conversion fees imposed by Paypal and Stripe, there will be a foreign currency fee added to all invoices not paid with US Dollars.

This currency fee varies by country:

DCForum 6.x to Xenforo or Invision Community Suite (IPBoard) Migration

Migrations from DCForum 6.x into Xenforo or Invision Community Suite. DCForum is the flat file Perl legacy version of DCForum. These are fairly complex migrations, and the prices reflect the additional work involved

- Imports start at $500 for DCForum -> Xenforo, and $650 for DCForum -> Invision. This is for up to 1 million posts. $100 for each additional million posts, pro-rated to the nearest 250K posts.
- Users, user groups, threads, posts, images, and private messages are imported. Users will need to reset their passwords due to incompatible hashing methods.
- Includes redirects for thread URLs.
- Includes the conversion of...

Invision (IPBoard) to Xenforo Migrations

Invision (IPBoard) to Xenforo Migrations

Invision 3.x and 4.x imports into Xenforo. Base migrations include forums, threads, posts, attachments, avatars, user groups, users, admins, moderators, tags, polls, smilies, private messages mail server settings copied, setup of existing logo image, and basic Xenforo color palette settings, setting up existing Google Analytics code, setting existing ReCaptcha anti-spam keys, and setup of Xenforo's file caching system.

The base price is $200 for the first million posts and $35 for each additional million posts (prorated to the nearest 250K posts).

We offer additional custom import...
Non-Emergency Work Hours: Monday – Thursday (CST), 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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